Christine Auclair /

Christine Auclair is a coordinator of World Urban Campaign for UN-Habitat. She has twenty five years of experience in human settlements issues, urban policy analysis, monitoring, advocacy and partnerships at the international level. She joined UN-Habitat in 1994, working in the area of urban indicators and policy analysis in the global Urban Indicators Programme (1994-1997) and at the Global Urban Observatory (1998-2005). As the Chief of the Private Sector Unit from 2007 to 2011, she has helped profiling the private sector as a key partner of UN-Habitat.

Since 2012, Christine coordinates the World Urban Campaign, a global coalition of public, private and civil society partners united to advocate on the positive role of cities and to promote policies, strategies and practices for sustainable urbanization. She holds a doctorate in Urbanism and Planning from Institut Fran├žais d’Urbanisme, Paris.