A City for Everyone

Mannheim is a colourful and lively city full of contrasts. Of course, its approximately 300,000 residents are extremely proud of their hometown. When you come to Mannheim, be prepared for anything. You will not be bored!

Just like Manhattan, Mannheim’s inner city can be compared to a chessboard as it is made up of blocks. Instead of street names, the signs provide a combination of letters and numbers. Mannheim is cheerful and well-structured, but also exciting and rich in contrast. Located between the Rhine and Neckar rivers, the so-called “Grid-City” offers a vast array of opportunities. People from nearly 170 nations have made it their home. No wonder Mannheim is lively and full of surprises.

Mannheim is a compact metropolis. This characteristic trait is best illustrated by its cultural activities and events which include well-known names such as the Reiss-Engelhorn Museum Complex, the Baroque Palace or the National Theater as well as an exciting independent cultural scene, which is famous for its originality and diversity. The city’s numerous festivals are internationally renowned.

After an evening out at the cinema, theater or cabaret, going home is certainly not an option in Mannheim. The city’s nightlife is colourful and particularly characterized by its vibrant music scene. Its bars, pubs and clubs offer just the right music genre for any music lover. This is hardly a surprise as Mannheim is home of the internationally renowned “Popakademie”, Germany’s first university for pop music and music business studies. In December 2014 the UNESCO, principle cultural institution worldwide, has appointed Mannheim to its Creative Cities Network. Since then the city can bear the name “Mannheim UNESCO City of Music”.

If you appreciate the advantages of a metropolis – but without the stress, then Mannheim is your city. The city’s greenery and parks provide additional space for relaxation. Friedrichsplatz, one of the largest and most beautiful Art Nouveau squares of Europe, is situated right at the heart of the city and offers its visitors the opportunity to stock up on sunshine all year around. Mannheim’s emblem, the Wasserturm (water tower), is also located here. The residents’ warmth and openmindedness add to the city’s hospitality: Mannheim means contrast in the most exciting way.