Mittwoch, der 31. Oktober 2018
Dr. Aisa Kirabo Kacyira Past United Nations Assistant Secretary-General and Deputy Executive Director of UN-Habitat Short Biography Dr. Aisa Kirabo Kacyira of the Republic of Rwanda was the Deputy Executive Director of UN-Habitat and United Nations Assistant Secretary-General till 2018 providing critical leadership to promote sustainable cities and human settlements globally. Previously, Dr. Kacyira held various government
Cities are stable physical and social space that serves human agglomeration activities and takes shape with the force of human being on natural conditions. Cities are made up by urban population (people chose to live together and pursue opportunities for physical contacts out of rational choice), people’s activities and environmental facilities (space agents and municipal
Child-responsive urban settings resonate qualities that many scholars have described as conceptual standards for sustainable and resilient cities. Given the global trend in urbanization, there is significant potential to engage with children in the decisions that affect their physical urban environment, their interaction with urban resource systems and shape their behavior. Therefore, UNICEF published Shaping
CONSULTANT VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT                                                                                                       Issued on: 31 October 2018       ORGANIZATIONAL LOCATION: Urban Economy and Finance Branch, UN-HABITAT DUTY STATION: Home Based PROJECT: Development of Own Source Revenue at the Municipal/Local government level in Africa  FUNCTIONAL TITLE: Municipal Finance Consultant CLOSING DATE: 30th November 2018 START DATE Immediately END DATE: 6 months   BACKGROUND
Dienstag, der 30. Oktober 2018
As Urban October comes to an end, a month dedicated to raising awareness on urban challenges, successes and sustainability, faced by cities and human settlements around the world, I am delighted to learn that an unprecedented number of global celebrations marking this month have taken place around the world. This month, over 100 events have
NAIROBI, September 2018 – A new project aiming to reduce carbon emissions in Africa, The Urban Pathways project, has been launched by UN-Habitat in partnership with UN Environment and the Wuppertal Institute. The project provides a structured approach to boost Low Carbon Plans for urban transport  energy and waste management services  through supporting development of
Asker, Norway, 24 October 2018 –  UN-Habitat and Asker Kommune (Norway) co-hosted the third Asker Youth Conference on UN Day, celebrating the engagement of youth in achieving the SDGs through local action. Convened under the theme of “Localization of the SDGs”, 50 youth from the Norwegian communities of Hurum, Røyken and Asker came together with
CONSULTANT VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT Issued on: 25 October 2018 ORGANIZATIONAL LOCATION: UN-Habitat DUTY STATION: Home-based FUNCTIONAL TITLE: Evaluation of the Strategic Development Phase of the Global Future Cities Programme DURATION: Total eight weeks over December 2018 to February 2019 SUPERVISORS / REPORTING ARRANGEMENT Head of UN-Habitat HQs Evaluation Unit; Project coordinator MISSION to Nairobi: December 2018
The lecture shows the challenges and opportunities of participatory planning through a series of concrete experiences from the field. Planners and scholars of urban studies have acknowledged the potentialities of participatory planning since the 1960s. Today, the emphasis on participation increasingly permeates both academic conversations and policy debates. Participation is often invoked as a panacea,